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Laveini audio is a comprehensive enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and service. Enterprises focus on high-end speakers, and set up a strong technology team, established in 1992, first as a world famous speaker OEM factory, in order to perfect after-sale tracking system, make enterprise not only provides the high quality products, more perfect system solution, at the same time focus on providing customers with the most perfect service! Strong research and development ability, professional products and quality service, "advocating quality, committed to after-sales service", laveini enterprises in the industry to establish a good brand image, at the same time good credit and high-quality products laveini enterprises as audio manufacturers outstanding reputation; Laveini enterprises focus on the perfect "the pursuit of excellence in quality, all the music charm" perfect eternal journey.

Lavinie Laveini acoustics was founded in early 1980 by Mr. Vigny" winnie "in saint-etienne, France. It quickly became famous for its innovative design and quickly won international praise.

Lavini Laveini has become internationally known for its unique design concept, coupled with the rigorous quality of the original French factory. Her first cinema speaker: the y-6315

The technology continues to this day with the famous two-tone coil unit, which provides incredible bass expansion and playback volume comparable to most large floor mounted speakers. The principle of positive development, that is, focusing on the rapid response to market demands, makes Laveini a world-renowned international brand, which is envied by all its peers due to technological innovation and development.

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