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HMC-8H main speaker

      Model: HMC-8H main speaker

      Frequency response: 20Hz-22KHz (-3dB/+1dB)

      Rated power: 200W/8Ω

      Sensitivity (1w/1m) 100dB

      Coverage Angle (Horizontal x Vertical) Degree: 90 x 80

      Frequency dividing point: 2230 Hz

      Unit composition;

      Bass unit: 1 X8 inch

      Tenor: 1 x 1.5 inch 34 pistils (trumpet)

      Volume (WxDxH) mm: 315 x 189 x 460

      Weight (Kg): 18

      Speaker color: mahogany, purple blue

HMC-6A centre speaker


      Model: hmc-6a centre speaker

      Frequency response: 20hz-22khz (-3db /+1dB)

      Rated power: 250W/8Ω

      Sensitivity (1 w / 1 m) 103 db

      Coverage Angle (horizontal * vertical) degree: 77*97

      Frequency division point: 2100Hz


      Bass unit: 2*6.5"

      Treble: 1*1.5 "35 rui (big horn)

      Volume (D * W * H) mm: 700 * 180 * 200

      Volume (kg) : 19

      Color: mahogany/purple blue/white

SW-112 subwoofer

      Model: SW-112 

      Frequency response: 22Hz-260Hz

      Rated power: 600W  4Omega

      Sensitivity (1w/1m): 102dB

      Low Frequency Unit: 2x 12''

      Volume (WxDxH) mm: 400x380x420

      Weight (Kg): 23




We offer an unlimited color range for our shadow K series.


When it comes to drivers our quality standard is the Japanese top manufacturer TAD. Even if TAD drivers are only rarely used nowadays because of their pricing structure, they are without an alternative for the technical realization of our acoustical demands.


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