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    P880 is suitable for 2K digital fixed cinema audio processor. It uses humanized meter.

    The computer operation interface has the characteristics of simple interface, convenient operation and superior performance.

    It is easy to process audio signal equipment by adjusting software.

    1. Unique appearance design, professional elegance. Easy to operate, easy to use and work


    2. Supporting the decoding of PROLOGIC, AC-3, DTS and other formats;

    3. Digital audio decoding module designed by mature and stable digital audio decoding chip.

    4. Supporting multi-input of audio signals to facilitate users to make different audio signals

    Corresponding choices;

    5. 8-channel digital audio signal input supporting decoding 1.3K and 2K digital movie servers.

    8-channel analog signal input;

    6. Supporting frequency division, equalization and gain adjustment of the home loudspeaker, with powerful number

    Digital signal processing capability;

    7. The technical parameters of the built-in YS system loudspeaker of the machine make the whole debugging process simple.

    Built-in standard debugging program, Standard Test signal, can be used for cinema echo equipment

    Accurate debugging;

    8. Through the USB data line of the cinema, it can debug, monitor and control the sound-returning equipment.

    System management;

    9. Matching data backup card, one machine and one card, plug-in card updates automatically, no equipment exchanges.

    Professionals are required to re-debug.

    10. All digital and analog input signals are isolated by ground wire.

    The system has the least noise and lower requirement for cinema ground environment.

    8-channel digital audio processor.

    Size: 485 mm x 215 mm x 88 mm (1.5U)

Hmc-6h intermediate speaker

SW - 112 subwoofer




We offer an unlimited color range for our shadow K series.


When it comes to drivers our quality standard is the Japanese top manufacturer TAD. Even if TAD drivers are only rarely used nowadays because of their pricing structure, they are without an alternative for the technical realization of our acoustical demands.


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